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Getting ready for your big move? Watch the video below for some helpful tips from our experienced moving team.

Commercial movers are basically life savers. They can ease the burden of your business relocation that, if left with you and your team, can easily become an all-consuming task. 

The question is—how do you select the best commercial mover that will help make the moving process seamless and efficient? 

Here are the top points to consider in choosing a stellar commercial mover: 

Business Years 

The moving industry is competitive and only the best tends to survive. The number of years a commercial mover has been standing tall can help you tell if it has an edge on other companies. However, it is also wise to dig deeper. Aside from the years they’ve been around, check on their experience in relocating different types of businesses and offices, not to mention locations. Check the different set of tools and knowledge they have for disassembling, transporting, and reassembling. 

Quality and Set of Services 

Thoroughly research the company’s customer history. Read up on reviews. If you find numerous complaints on reckless handling of office equipment, damage during the move, inefficiency or ruined schedules—and no response from management—look for another mover. It’s also a win to hire a company equipped with other services other than transporting. Outstanding movers such as Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installations (TRCMI) in Fort Wayne, Indiana also offer things like warehousing, secure storage space, installations, and space planning. 

Level of Professionalism 

While scouting for a company, note the level of professionalism offered and how they assist you. Good companies will gladly help you by walking you through the process and offer reliable customer support. If the company is difficult to converse with from the beginning, it can be indicative of how the process will turn out when you hire them. 

Reasonable Pricing 

Thoroughly check if the cost is reasonable for the services they offer. Remember—you get what you pay for. 

Once you’ve handpicked a commercial mover, here are important tips in sealing the deal: 

Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installations is dedicated to creating a unique experience for each client to ensure they receive unparalleled satisfaction. Contact TRCMI today to be guided further in your planned move. 

Alleviate Stress for a Smooth Transition

Your big commercial move day can either be filled with delight or despair depending on how well you have planned and prepared.

To remove the headache from the equation, make sure to cover both minor and major details. Here are winning tips for a less stressful commercial move:

Create a Moving Committee

The big ingredient of a successful move is planning ahead. Three to six months before you move, commence planning. Assign a moving committee with detailed tasking on inventory, finances, communication, and logistics, among others. Making a checklist is also a sanity saver.

Communicate With Your Clients and Suppliers

Your customers are the life of your business and in your new journey, they can continue to give you strong support. This includes property manager and your business suppliers, too. As soon as the move is official, inform them well in advance even before putting up signs and sending notifications about your new location and the exact move date. Update your business cards and social media platforms as well.

Looking for more detail? We have a step-by-step guide to moving your business effectively.

Choose Your Commercial Mover

It is common to think that you’ll save more money by moving on your own. However, choosing a trusted commercial mover can actually help you save more by allowing your workforce to focus on your business, and not lose productivity. Every hour your business is in transit, your company loses money. They can also help save your manpower from all the strenuous work from packing to setting up in your new location.

Create an Inventory System

Upon listing all equipment and supplies, determine which ones will be moved, sold or donated. Label equipment that needs special moving instructions.

Determine a Packing Plan

Determine whether Three Rivers Commercial Moving company will provide the packing service or if a department will be assigned to oversee packing responsibilities. Make sure all boxes and items are labeled with their destination to the new office or employee names to make sure no items will be turn up missing or misplaced.

Pack vulnerable items like computers and cables securely in bubble wrap or thick blankets. Some commercial movers, such as TRCMI, provide packing services and materials. Or, Three Rivers Movers can pack for you, and safely move your IT Equipment and Data Network Centers.

Create a Layout for the New Office

Share the layout or floor plan you’ve made with your commercial mover. With a prepared layout, time for setting up in your new office will be shorter and easier. If you're looking for help on determining the best layout for your office space, we can help!

Planning and coordinating well for a move will make the entire process more efficient while also allowing you to maintain control.

Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installations (TRCMI) offers an array of services that can help you move from start to finish, including installing cubicles, sourcing office furniture, and space planning for your new commercial office system. Need more guidance to breeze through your move? Contact TRCMI today.

For over a decade, Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installations (TRCMI) has earned high praise in the professional moving and office installation industry. As a top choice in business relocations, transitions, and other critical business endeavors, we are proud to partner with local and national brands to do the heavy lifting.

We thrive on helping you lighten the load from planning to execution and will keep your focus where it belongs — on what you do best. Learn how partnering with Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation team is the best choice in office moving solutions.

Moving Expertise & More

TRCMI can be your one-stop shop whether your move is just across the hall, across the city, or even across the country.

We offer a myriad of services from planning to tearing down, storing and re-installing, pre-move walkthroughs, space planning, packing, provision of packing materials, and post-move set-up. Not to mention we have a warehouse service for secure and temperature-controlled, short-term storage for furniture and supplies.

TRCMI is also committed to helping you save more money by finding the best furniture solutions for your business.  Whether new or used office furniture suits your needs, we are here to assist.

High Standards, Exceptional Results

TRCMI is committed to achieving the greatest satisfaction of clients by offering unique experiences and the utmost professionalism in everything we do. All crew members are Certified Commercial Installation Experts on multi-system set-ups, new installations, and space planning for your office system.

We never subcontract, so you can be confident in the service you’ll receive is by us, always.

Our company has established an efficient system to ensure orderly movement and the safety of all supplies and equipment.

Connect Today

Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installations can make any complex transition into an effortless and stress-free experience. We are ready and willing to customize every step of your moving journey to your individual needs. Connect with us today to learn more.

Hiring a commercial mover can make things much easier.
If you try to handle a the entire move by yourself, it can quickly become overwhelming and difficult. It takes comprehensive planning, hard work, packing, hauling, and often, even shutting down normal business for a day or two before finally settling in a new location.

Life doesn’t always have to be difficult however, there is a great way to save yourself time, and a lot of hassle in a situation you’re not very experienced with. Hiring expert, professional commercial movers brings with it a host of benefits and can turn a stressful move into a smooth operation.

Cost Efficient

If you think moving on your own will save you more money, think again. The physical and mental demand for a big move is high. A lot of preparation is needed, from planning to execution. Asking your employees to help is out of the question as well, as they are not trained and could pose an insurance liability, as well as the fact that they have their normal work to do. When you hire professionals, they can do all of the things that you might now even think of, allowing you to keep your focus where it belongs — on your business.

Safe and Organized Moving

Not only will you save time and effort when you hire experts, they can also assure the safe moving of equipment and belongings. Moving and relocating fragile furniture and equipment is a skill that is not easily mastered. Expert movers know how to move with ease and protection. They also implement systems to make sure everything is organized and accessible to make sure nothing will be lost or damaged.

Less Liability on Your Business

Your belongings will be protected by the mover. But in case of accidental damage or injury, you don’t have to worry, as it will be insured. Furthermore, if you are having your employees moving equipment, god forbid they sprain an ankle or accidentally hurt themselves in the process. Moving companies carry additional liability and insurance coverage that your business not have.

No Need to Rent a Moving Truck

Without professionals, you will need to rent suitable vehicle transportation for the move. But reliable commercial movers provide for all your moving needs – from packing supplies, crates, and trucks. They provide carts for moving heavy items in and out, and they are efficient. Your employees won't have to lift a finger.

Minimal Business Disruptions

It may take a longer time than expected to move on your own considering the effort needed to haul and settle in your new location. When this happens, you may need to close your business for even longer than a day or two. When you hire qualified professionals, moving doesn’t need to be a long drawn out affair, it will be as efficient and quick as possible.

Save Time and Money

By hiring a reliable moving company, you will have peace of mind and can spend more time on running your business than coordinating moving. Before you know it, your company will be up and running in your bigger, better office space.

Are you getting ready for a commercial move? Contact TRCMI today for a consultation!

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