Services of Decommissioning

Decommissioning Office Spaces

Decommissioning is the process of systematically retiring a space or facility's operational functions, ensuring that every aspect is handled with care and in compliance with regulations. Our company excels at decommissioning, providing an efficient, responsible, and seamless service that includes:

  • Furniture Removal: We ensure eco-friendly disposal by recycling, donating, or properly disposing of furniture to keep it out of landfills. Our approach is green and community-conscious.
  • Termination of Fire Prevention and Security Systems: Our team carefully removes security cameras and systems, ensuring your space is handed back or repurposed without compromising security or safety features.
  • Hole Patching and End of Lease Repairs: We repair any damages and patch holes, ensuring the space is in excellent condition for the next occupants or to meet lease conditions.
  • Timely Planning and Removal: We coordinate the removal of items and systems to align with your lease terms or project timeline, ensuring a smooth transition without delays.
  • Data Wire Removal: Our professionals safely remove and organize data cables and wires, ensuring your network and server connections are cleanly decommissioned.

We can also hiring a cleaning team to clean your office prior to the move. We have partners in many sectors of business to seamlessly decommission your space.

At Three Rivers Commercial Movers and Installation, we take pride in our decommissioning services, ensuring that your transition is as smooth and environmentally friendly as possible.

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How it Works


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Decommissioning with us means systematically retiring your office space's operational functions with great care and compliance. Our services include eco-friendly furniture removal, careful termination of security systems and cameras, thorough hole patching and end-of-lease repairs, as well as timely removal of items to meet lease or project timelines.

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices. When decommissioning office spaces, we prioritize recycling, donating, or properly disposing of furniture to prevent it from ending up in landfills. Our approach not only protects the environment but also benefits the community.

Along with taking out the furniture and other items, we also can uninstall TVs, screen, patch holes in the walls, ensure the space is tidy and safe. We can also arrange for a professional cleaning team to clean up the office, making it spotless for the next people who will use it. We work with other businesses too, so we can manage everything smoothly from start to finish.

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