Office Cubicles Systems for Modern Workspaces

Installing Cubicles

Our Three Rivers install team effortlessly assembles and constructs cubicle systems for businesses in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. We mix smart design with real-world solutions, so every setup makes your office work better. 

Are cubicles out of style?

No! In fact, they are more popular than ever! Companies choose cubicles for their employee workspaces because they strike a sweet spot between open space and private offices. Cubicles give privacy without the the high cost of building walls or installing architectural walls. This setup helps the staff increase productivity, too. Plus, it's a smart way to use office space and keep things flexible. 

Benefits of Installing Cubicles:

  • A good balance of privacy and collaboration 
  • Increase in employee productivity 
  • Flexible design layouts 
  • Long-term adaptability 
  • Space optimization 
  • Cost-effective 

Examples of Cubicle Installation in Fort Wayne 

Custom Cubicle Solutions 

We see your cubicle system installation project from start to finish. First, we chat with you to understand what you're looking for. Then, our team designs a setup that fits your needs and space perfectly. After that, we get down to business and installing your new cubicles. Each step of the way we ensure your satisfaction. But it doesn't stop there—we stick around to make sure you're happy and everything works like it should.

  • New Cubicles
  • Used Cubicle
  • Remanufactured Cubes

Pros of Buying New Cubicles

New cubicles are a great investment. Buying new cubes offer the ability to customize them according to your specific need and preferences. Whether you need open-plan workstations for collaborative projects, private cubicles for individual tasks, or a combination of both, custom cubicle solutions can be tailored to meet your requirements.

In addition to functionality, new cubicles also offer aesthetic appeal. You can choose from a wide range of materials, finishes, colors, and styles to complement your office decor and branding. By creating a visually appealing and cohesive workspace, you can make a positive impression on clients and visitors while also creating a pleasant atmosphere for your employees.

DIY Cubicles Purchasing

Before purchasing new cubicles for your workspace, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the various installation techniques used for office systems. Each manufacturer has its own installation requirements and standards, making it crucial to research and familiarize yourself with the specifics.

As a Haworth furniture dealer, we have extensive experience with their furniture systems and can offer valuable insights into their installation process. Nonetheless, we have also successfully installed cubicles from other reputable brands such as Steelcase, AllSteel, HON, and open-plan cubicle systems.

Buying Used Cubicles

As a used office furniture reseller, we often come across some great used cubicles that we are able to reuse and reinstall in our clients' offices. Whether it be from an office decommission or a business relocation, finding cubes that are in quality condition can sometimes be difficult.

The biggest benefits of buying used office cubes is the affordability. They are cost-effective, but that can come with caveats. By installing cubicles, uninstalling cubicles, and then reinstalling cubicles, there is much more risk of damaged parts and missing pieces. The condition of used cubicles can also be questionable if you're not buying from a reputable company like Three Rivers Commercial Moving & Installations.

Workspace Solutions & Consultation Services 

We do more than just put together cubicles. We're here to help with every part of your office change-up or upgrade. Need to move your whole office? We've got it. Looking for a place to keep your stuff while you figure things out? We can help with that too. Our team is all about making your office transition smooth and stress-free.  

From relocation to storage, and everything in between, we offer a complete package to make sure your workspace works for you. It's all about giving you the full-service experience, with no hassle on your part. 

We make your office better with our cubicle setups. They help everyone work better together and on their own. Want to change how your workspace feels? Give us a call or get a quote. Let's talk about making your office exactly what you need. 

How it Works

How it Works


You request a quote

Call or Submit Your Information. We will connect with you


We have a call

After collecting details, we will create a detailed estimate
Nice open workspace lobby with two men standing and talking with snake plants and couches and chairs in an industrial like atmosphere
Moving Truck View from outside of Skyline Towers In Fort Wayne


Book the move

A project manager will coordinate the planning and implementation.



Cubicle systems are very complex. Depending on the manufacturer, there are different ways to put them together. Since Three Rivers Installation is a Certified Installer for many top name cubicles, we can help you put together your cubes in no time!

The cost depends on several factors like quantity and timeline. Once we know the details of your exact installations, our sales team can put together a custom quote.

Looking for Cubicle Installation?

Cubicles are an investment into your future. Let us help you protect it and do installation right.
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