Monitor Mounting & Assembly

Assembling and Mounting Computer Screen Monitors

As a leading office installation provider, we offer a wide array of services, including monitor mounting solutions for your business needs.

Our offerings include desk mounts for single or multiple monitor setups, wall mounts to free up desk space, under-desk mounts for a unique, space-saving option, and portable mounts designed for those on the go.

We understand the importance of creating an ergonomic and efficient workspace. Our long-time knowledge in installation industry allows us to cater to any business's specific needs, ensuring optimal setup for productivity and space utilization.

Types of Monitor Mounts for Office Space Solutions

Wall Mounts

Ideal for a clean look and freeing up desk space. This installation technique requires finding wall studs and the ability to accurately drill into walls without error. Here are a few things to consider with wall mounted monitors and displays.

  • Installation Requirements: Installing a wall mount requires drilling into the wall, which might not be feasible in all spaces, especially in rented offices or cubicle office layouts.
  • Limited Adjustability: While many wall mounts offer tilt and swivel options, they may not provide the same range of motion as some desk mounts, particularly in terms of forward or backward
  • Cable Management: While wall mounts can lead to a cleaner look, hiding cables can be more challenging unless you’re prepared to route them inside the wall, which involves additional work and cost.

Let our experts handle the drilling and setup for a hassle-free experience, ensuring your monitor not only looks great but is perfectly positioned for your employees.

Grommet Mounts

Mounting a computer monitor through a grommet hole in your desk or drilling a hole for the mount is the most stable and sleek option. It provides a solid foundation while also optimizing desk space at the same time. This allows for a nicely organized and clutter-free workspace, which can enhance productivity.

  • Desk Requirements: The need for a pre-existing grommet hole (or the ability to create one without compromising the desk’s integrity) can limit which desks are suitable for this type of mount. Not all office desks come with these holes, and drilling a new hole is not always feasible or desirable.
  • Installation Complexity: Installing a grommet mount can be more complex than other types, especially if drilling is required. This might necessitate professional installation services like Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation.
  • Cost: Depending on the model and features, grommet mounts can be more expensive than some other types of mounts. This cost, combined with potential installation complexities, can make them a more significant investment.

Clamp Mounts

Clamp mounts are a good option where you do not want to drill out a hole in the desk or maybe there is no grommet available. Clamps attach to the edge of the desk for stability. There are some downsides to clamps. If your desk does not have a big overhang, additional effort may be needed for installation. Here are some other considerations.

  • Desk Compatibilty: If your desk does not have a big overhang, additional effort may be needed for installation. There is also risk to damaging the desk due to the clamp-style design and force being put on the desk. Additionally, glass top desks would not be a great fit for a clamp mounted monitor.
  • Weight Limitations: Monitors come in all sizes and shapes, but larger monitors are heavier and may require a more secure solution. Clamp mounts may not support multiple monitors or larger display sizes.
  • Adjustability: Depending on the type of clamp mount, it may limit the adjustability. Be sure to understand how the space will be used to choose the right monitor mount for your employees and offices.

Choose Three Rivers Installations for Your Office Setups

There are more than a few ways to install a computer display, TV, or digital screen. The perfect solution for workspace is based on your exact needs.

At Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installations, we love creating workspace solutions that are tailored to you and your businesses. If you are interested in learning more about our installation services, connect with us!

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Professional installation services ensure that monitor mounts are correctly and safely secured, providing optimal ergonomic benefits and maximizing workspace efficiency. Experts can advise on the best mount types for different desk layouts and user needs, ensuring longevity and functionality.

Installing monitor mounts can be timely. If you have more than one or two people who need mounts for their monitors, it can take up quite a bit of time.

Since we are experts in setting up workstations, cubicles, and all things office related, our team understands the different types of monitor mounts and how they will be assembled and installed.

Your employees often don't want to do the hard labor, and likely don't know how to. Leave it to the professionals and we can save you time and money.

The choice depends on the number of monitors, the type of desks, and the space available. Clamp, grommet, wall-mounted, and freestanding mounts offer different benefits, from saving desk space to allowing for easy adjustability.

Our experts can help you decide on your employee workstation configurations with a simple consultation. We can then assess your specific needs to recommend the most suitable option.

The Three Rivers Office and Commercial Installations Team are fully equipped to handle large-scale deployments in commercial settings.

They can efficiently install monitor mounts for multiple workstations, ensuring consistency and ergonomic integrity across all setups.

If the office is currently occupied, we want to be sure that the areas that the monitors will be installed is easily accessible. Remove any sensitive documents or personal items.

If the office is vacant, preparation is minimal. As long as the materials are there, we can do the job effectively and efficiently.

The time required can vary based on the number of workstations, types of monitor mounts, and any unforeseen challenges. However, professional services aim to minimize disruption, often completing installations within a few hours to a day, depending on the project size.

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