Wall Partitions

Wall Partitions & Room Dividers

Imagine you have a big room and you want to split it into smaller sections without building new walls that are part of the building itself. That's where wall partitions come in. Think of them like the dividers in large dresser drawers to separate socks from shirts, but for rooms.

These partitions aren't meant to hold up the ceiling or anything heavy; they're just there to divide space. They're made from light materials, such as a special kind of board (drywall), glass, or wood, and are pretty easy to put up or take down. This means if you change your mind and want to open up the space again or change the layout, it's not a big deal.

Types of Partition Walls

  • Fixed Partition Walls
  • Movable Partition Walls

There are two main types: some stay in one place (fixed), and others can move or slide around (movable), like those walls on wheels you might see in offices, or even those foldable screens in old movies that ladies change behind. These movable ones are great because you can shift them around to change the size of the space as you need, like making a meeting room bigger or smaller.

Businesses typically use these wall partitions a lot in offices to make separate workspaces or to create more privacy in open concept cubicle spaces, in houses to create new rooms without major construction, and in other places where they need to change a big area into smaller, private spots without a lot of hassle.

Benefits of Temporary Walls

Wall partitions are an excellent solution for creating temporary divisions within a space. Whether in a commercial setting, a residential area, or even in open-plan offices, wall partitions offer a flexible and versatile option to customize the layout of a room without the need for construction work.

One of the main advantages of wall partitions is their ease of installation and removal. Unlike traditional walls, which require significant time, effort, and cost to build and demolish, wall partitions can be installed quickly and effortlessly. They are designed to be modular and portable, making them a convenient choice for both permanent and temporary divisions.

Wall Partitions are often used in public spaces with large construction projects such as at the Fort Wayne International Airport, The Wayne Convention Center, and outdoor spaces, too!

Professional Installation for Wall Partitions

Don't risk the cost of mistakes or injury with a DIY project. The cost is high and there is specialized knowledge and tools that are needed to get the job done safely and effectively.

With a installation company like Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation, we can plan, anticipate, and avoid common pitfalls of any partition project. With our service, you get unmatched brilliance with a service guaranteed.

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We install a variety of wall partitions, including demountable partitions, glass partitions, cubicle walls, and modular wall systems. Our installations can accommodate both permanent and temporary layout needs.

Wall partitions are an affordable alternative to permanent wall structures. Whether commercial or residential installations, partitions can effectively create a divided room without breaking the bank. When it comes to dividing a room in the cheapest way possible, there are a few options to consider: Wall partitions, architectural walls, or even half walls or pony walls.

Yes, we handle all aspects of the installation, including providing all necessary materials and hardware. Our service ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

The installation time can vary depending on the complexity and scale of the project. Smaller installations can typically be completed in a day, whereas larger or more complex setups might take several days. We provide a detailed timeline following an initial assessment.

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