4 Reasons to Hire Professional Installers

Are Office Installation Services Worth It?

Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installations (TRCMI) is a highly-esteemed professional moving and installation business in Fort Wayne, Indiana dedicated to turning offices into productive spaces.

If you are currently looking to replace or upgrade your office cubicle system, renovating or reconfiguring your floor plan, need help with design or establishing furniture brought on your own—you need professionals to make sure you get top of the line assistance in planning, organizing, and implementation.

Here are the main reasons why TRCMI is your best choice for your next big office project install.

1. Saves Valuable Time & Resources

The installation of wall systems and furniture takes a lot of planning. TRCMI can do quotes on how long this may take to give you a clearer picture of how the project will transpire. They do not work by the hour but by the job so that it is done most efficiently. This will help your people get back to work right away and minimize lost productivity.

2. Individualized Service

Furniture and/or wall system installation begins with understanding company culture and how business is conducted before space planning commences. This will ensure that the space transition is functional and will foster productivity.

Our team will meet with you, look at your space, and help work with your equipment and floor plan. This can also be done virtually if you don’t feel comfortable meeting in person given the circumstances of the pandemic.

3. No Need to Interact With Different Manufacturers

After space planning, procurement and receipt of products follow. If projects are big, you’ll be needing to talk to different manufacturers for canvassing and quality checks. TRCMI can do this for you to help you have more focus on your business.

4. Design and Modular Wall System Specialists

TRCMI has a team of experts in design and reconfiguration. If you’ve already bought furniture yourself and need help putting it together, they can provide superb assistance.

They also specialize in modular wall systems. These are moveable and provide great help for those who would like to bring a balance between freedom and structure by creating private offices or cubicles.

Trust the Experts

You can trust that TRCMI's multi-system experts can provide you with services beyond expectation and turn your office face-lift into an elevated experience for your business.

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