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Andy Coffelt plays a crucial role at Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation as the Warehouse Manager. His journey began when he met Jeremiah Curry on the road while working with North American trucking.

In his role, Andy is responsible for driving trucks, overseeing moving jobs, helping with installations, and keeping the warehouse running smoothly. He’s also focused on safety, having earned his Forklift Certification to ensure everyone stays safe on the job.

Andy is a stickler for tidiness and order. He believes in keeping everything neat and is known to say, "We've done so much with so little for so long, we can now do anything with nothing." This saying reflects his knack for making the most out of limited resources.

What Andy enjoys most about his work is the variety it brings. He’s been in the furniture business since 1992 and loves that every day is different, offering new challenges and learning opportunities.

Outside of work, Andy's interests include riding quads, mudding (especially at Bundy Hill in Michigan), and working on cars. He and his son, AJ, who is 24, often enjoy these activities together. AJ also helps out at Three Rivers from time to time.

Andy is especially proud of his work on big projects like moving BAE and the Delaware County project that involved relocating the entire court house system of Muncie. These tasks were completed smoothly, thanks to great teamwork and problem-solving.

Andy's straightforward and caring nature has made him well-liked by both clients and coworkers. His commitment to keeping things organized and his talent for doing a lot with a little make him a valuable part of the Three Rivers team.

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