Tips to Move Safer During COVID-19

Although the pandemic has impacted many areas of life, life must go on and that includes moving, and even commercial moves we are prepared to move safer. Learn how Three Rivers Commercial Moving take safety and precaution during the COVID-19 era.

If you have a lease ending or if a move is necessary to maintain or elevate your company or business, it is important to thoroughly plan in order to reduce the stress and risks of moving during the pandemic. 

1) Plan Your Move

Ideally, three to six months before your move, planning should commence. Set the moving date and moving budget to avoid overspending. It is a must to review your commercial property lease – take note of balances, deposits, and corresponding fees in case of damages during the move. It is also helpful to create a moving committee to lay out detailed tasking and plot a date when to inform internal and external parties about your upcoming relocation.

2) Prepare All Logistics 

Make an inventory of everything you plan to move. Layout your new space based on the detailed floor plan. Then determine whether you need to place orders for new furniture or equipment.

3) Choose a Trusted Moving Company

Select a moving company that can thoroughly assist you through the process – like Three Rivers Commercial Moving company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Plus, we can offer no-contact moves, which are best in this time of uncertainty. Lock in a date, make sure to know their policies and discuss best practices for moving day. 

4) Assess the Health and Safety of Your Personnel

Transparency is very important. According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), if you are in a high-risk group with many employees over 60 years of age, with pre-existing respiratory or cardiovascular conditions or compromised immunity, it might be prudent to postpone your move if possible.

If personnel or someone from an employee’s household is self-isolating after being exposed, or may have contracted the virus, inform your moving company. In many cases, they will still work with you, but will employ additional safety protocols to protect their workers.

5) Practice Health Precautions 

Since the coronavirus can live on surfaces like cardboard, avoid using recycled boxes from other sources, disinfect furniture, boxes, and other items before loading. It is also advisable to have your packages untouched at least 24 hours before the movers arrive. Make sure that your moving crew has hand-washing supplies and sanitizer available.

Moving is not an easy task, and the stress has only been doubled during this pandemic. The moving industry is taking steps to observe health protocols to safely assist clients amid the challenges. 

Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation (TRCMI) has your best interest and safety as our top priority, we can accommodate all kinds of moves and have a stellar track record. If you need more guidance on how to execute your move, contact TRCMI today!

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