Private Offices & Co-Working Spaces

Private Offices & Co-Working Spaces

Commercial office spaces have changed over the years, and there has been a marked increase in the demand for private offices. This shift is largely attributed to changes in work habits and the growing need for personalized work environments.

Setting up your private workspace? Whether it's a large desk, a rising desk, or even 25 desk chairs, the Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation team is ready to assist. We've efficiently and reliably set up thousands of office spaces. Count on us to get your office ready quickly.

Why Private Offices are Gaining Popularity

The preference for private office spaces in multiple industry spaces are due many factors like improved employee moral and workplace satisfaction. Here are some other perks to private offices:

  • Increased Productivity: Private offices reduce interruptions, allowing for better focus and efficiency.
  • Custom Work Environments: Employees can customize these spaces to fit their work styles and preferences, enhancing comfort and productivity.

The trend towards private offices represents a major shift in workspace design, emphasizing flexibility, customization, and professional support to adapt to modern business needs.

Choose Three Rivers Commercial Moving & Installation

If your company is transitioning from an open-concept to a private office design, we're here to help! We provide demountable walls, architectural designs, and modular systems to make your workspace more productive. We not only install these solutions but also source them for you.

Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation company goes beyond just an office setup; it's a step towards optimizing your work environment. Let us bring your ideal private office to life.

How it Works

How it Works


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As a professional office assembler and installation company, we offer comprehensive services that includes all types of furniture assembly such as office desks, chairs, cubicles, single or multiple private office installations, and more!

Yes, our team is experienced in managing large-scale installations for co-working spaces, including multiple workstations, communal areas, and conference rooms, ensuring a cohesive and functional design.

Hiring an expert like Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation takes liabilty off your business in case of an accident. With our knowledge and expertise, our installers are versed in moving and installing safely and without injury. We do it every day!

Plus, our company adheres to strict safety standards during installations, using reliable materials and ensuring that all furniture is securely assembled and anchored.

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