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Lobbyscapes Create Experiences

The lobbyscape of any hospitality area is one of the most crucial parts of your customers experience. The term itself, lobbyscape, was coined, researched, and put into a framework to determine the effects of hotel lobbies' atmospheric elements on customer satisfaction. It took into consideration space functionality, atmosphere ambience, and physiological condition (ASAP Lobbyscape Model).

And, within each of those categories were more specific elements that were weighed. When we think about all the things that make up the common areas of these reception rooms or lobbies, it's easy to take for granted the work behind how it all got there.

Between choosing the floor plan, the furniture arrangement, color scheme, and decor, there is always a lot to think about when designing a space of any kind. Then after all those choices are made, the items such as case goods, furniture, artwork, mirrors, centerpieces arrive to begin the real work.

Portrait of Jeremiah Curry, Owner of Three Rivers Moving and installation of Fort Wayne, Indiana

"The construction and assembly of spaces like waiting rooms are often overlooked, yet they are essential to the overall design and functionality."

- Jeremiah Curry, Owner

Have you ever sat in a wobbly seat? We should hope not. However, we have seen first hand the effects of poorly constructed office furniture assembly decisions that can cost a company a lot of money. When it comes to patient, customer, or client satisfaction, you don't want to guess on reliability of the work. You want to ensure it. That's where Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installation shines.

If you're a small business owner, know there are options for used office furniture at our storefront location on East State Street! Check it out while you think about designing your lobby and reception areas.

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Our dedicated team has had decided of experience doing installations for large corporations nationwide. We are proud to serve our local small businesses here in Fort Wayne and travel to remote places in other states to bring our valued expertise to the field.

Source: (1) Pytharoulakis, Minoas & Zouni, Georgia. (2020). Lobbyscape: A framework about the effect of hotel lobbies’ atmospheric elements on customer satisfaction. Research in Hospitality Management. 10. 107-115. 10.1080/22243534.2020.1869465.

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The first step is to assess the space available. Before beginning the installation and assembly, it's crucial to evaluate the space to determine what furniture, decorations, and layout will best suit the area, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal while accommodating all necessary components.

Professionals can ensure that all components are assembled safely and correctly, which can be especially important for intricate installations or when dealing with specialized equipment.

  • Accessibility: Ensuring the reception area is accessible to people with disabilities, complying with regulations like the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).
  • Safety: All installations must meet local safety codes and regulations to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors.

There are many ways technology can be integrated into the design of an lobby area. For instance, installing digital signage for information display, automated check-in systems, or interactive directories can enhance visitor experience and operational efficiency.

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