Top 6 Tips for Moving and Packing

Alleviate Stress for a Smooth Transition

Your big commercial move day can either be filled with delight or despair depending on how well you have planned and prepared.

To remove the headache from the equation, make sure to cover both minor and major details. Here are winning tips for a less stressful commercial move:

Create a Moving Committee

The big ingredient of a successful move is planning ahead. Three to six months before you move, commence planning. Assign a moving committee with detailed tasking on inventory, finances, communication, and logistics, among others. Making a checklist is also a sanity saver.

Communicate With Your Clients and Suppliers

Your customers are the life of your business and in your new journey, they can continue to give you strong support. This includes property manager and your business suppliers, too. As soon as the move is official, inform them well in advance even before putting up signs and sending notifications about your new location and the exact move date. Update your business cards and social media platforms as well.

Looking for more detail? We have a step-by-step guide to moving your business effectively.

Choose Your Commercial Mover

It is common to think that you’ll save more money by moving on your own. However, choosing a trusted commercial mover can actually help you save more by allowing your workforce to focus on your business, and not lose productivity. Every hour your business is in transit, your company loses money. They can also help save your manpower from all the strenuous work from packing to setting up in your new location.

Create an Inventory System

Upon listing all equipment and supplies, determine which ones will be moved, sold or donated. Label equipment that needs special moving instructions.

Determine a Packing Plan

Determine whether Three Rivers Commercial Moving company will provide the packing service or if a department will be assigned to oversee packing responsibilities. Make sure all boxes and items are labeled with their destination to the new office or employee names to make sure no items will be turn up missing or misplaced.

Pack vulnerable items like computers and cables securely in bubble wrap or thick blankets. Some commercial movers, such as TRCMI, provide packing services and materials. Or, Three Rivers Movers can pack for you, and safely move your IT Equipment and Data Network Centers.

Create a Layout for the New Office

Share the layout or floor plan you’ve made with your commercial mover. With a prepared layout, time for setting up in your new office will be shorter and easier. If you're looking for help on determining the best layout for your office space, we can help!

Planning and coordinating well for a move will make the entire process more efficient while also allowing you to maintain control.

Three Rivers Commercial Moving and Installations (TRCMI) offers an array of services that can help you move from start to finish, including installing cubicles, sourcing office furniture, and space planning for your new commercial office system. Need more guidance to breeze through your move? Contact TRCMI today.

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